It doesn’t matter what the season is or where you are, a beautiful mind will always see beauty. Marala Scott

About Marala

Marala Scott is a Ghostwriter, Award-winning Author, Inspirational Speaker, Poet and Oprah Winfrey’s Ambassador of Hope. She has an undeniable passion to inspire and the ability to connect with others through her words of relatable poetry and prose. Her beautiful words will return something that escaped you.

Marala’s New Book

Poetry and prose to reframe your days, renew your spirit, and help you approach the world with an eye towards the positive, meaningful moments—with gratitude.

With Gratitude is a collection of relatable experiences that will inspire you to recognize the good in beautiful and difficult situations—both past and present. It is a meditation on the benefits of appreciating love, loss, relationships, and fleeting moments of kindness.

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