Have you ever unwrapped a beautiful gift to find the contents disappointing or not anything near what you thought it might be? More often than not, that is what happens in relationships. The exterior package of the person isn’t what will make the relationship work however, the interior mindset and spirit of the individual is.

We’re worried that if we don’t jump into a relationship when it’s offered that we’ll miss out. Many times when you dive into a relationship and learn more about the person, you’d wish you had passed on it. Take time to know the person instead of believing what they tell you. Listen a little more carefully to what they’re spewing out. One thing we say after a relationship goes south is that he or she told me that… Relying on what someone tells you as oppose to what they show you in their actions is key in having or investing in a healthy relationship. Give it time to see if their words match their actions before jumping into a relationship just to have one.

10 thoughts on “You Think You’re Ready to be in a Relationship

  1. I really enjoyed reading this, very relevant to my life right now. Being single DEFO is the right time to work on yourself, know what you want and also what you have to give! (what a lot of people miss out) which allows you to know your self-worth & not settle for less.

  2. U give yourself time to learn about yourself when u single, often times when in a relationship we try so hard to make other people happy that we forget about our own happiness. Wrong people always know how to say the right things without putting it to action! Thank u Marala

  3. Awesome post and you’re right. Its not worth rushing into a relationship. That alone time can be just what we need to take care of ourselves first.

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