We are meant to learn valuable lessons from our life and even more from the lives of others. They connect to us in some way and help us to understand that we are not alone in our experiences; nor are we meant to be. Although most people can’t understand what you’ve been through unless they’ve experience something similar, talking about it or connecting through the power of printed words can help heal and inspire.

Courage is needed to reflect upon your life and review the choices you’ve made. It takes strength to fight a battle when you have no idea of the magnitude of what you’ll face. A strong mind is necessary to overcome the intensity of excruciating pain. And it requires a loving heart to help save lives when there is no incentive other than to save lives.

This is David Tuccaro Jr., a man with a soul-searching story that will challenge you to fight through whatever it is you’re facing. He encourages you to evolve into a stronger, wiser and more compassionate individual. Like David, it doesn’t mean you will never have another challenge or feel the brutal grip of pain again, but his story will teach you the reasons why you should never give up on life.

His life story, Bad to the Bone: The True Story of David Tuccaro Jr. takes you on an unsuspecting journey. It breathes faith, delivers inspiration and reveals true love as he recounts the deep emotional pain that took root inside of him and the devastation it caused. He shares his vivid and inspiring account of his fight for his life against Leukemia. If you are being challenged or tested, David’s story is one that will encourage you to believe when there is no sign of hope.

David’s mission is to save lives through compassion and providing awareness about the need for donors. If you knew that someone, somewhere was dying, would you do what you could to save that person’s life? Well, many people are and they need your help just as David required it to live. Become a donor and give the gift of life because you can.

Visit www.davidtuccaro.com for more information and to register to become a donor. Be inspired by his story to save a life!

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7 thoughts on “Sharing Your Life Story Can Help Others Heal

  1. It’s an inspiring story. I’ve donated my body to science–UT Southwestern in Dallas. They’ll be able to recycle the good organs and study a brain that survived cerebral meningitis, aggravated assaults, & poisonings. Still wrote a textbook.

  2. So very true! You never know what someone may have had to endure and go through to get to the place where they are. There is a testimony behind every story!

  3. What an inspiring story about David! I am so glad that I am a donor! Also glad that I am documenting my life story in a Blog. God Bless…

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  5. What an inspiring story…you really are sharing your gift with the world and it’s wonderful to see.

  6. Very true! Thank you for taking time to read the article. “To give hope, inspire and spark the spirit” well said Tamimase. 😉

  7. Very inspiring and strengthening indeed. It is true, we share the history of our lives not because we need pity but to give hope, inspire and spark the spirit of giving, knowledge and understanding, moreover, to impart strength to cope.

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