When we are brought into this world, we will either contribute to it or take from it. I choose to contribute. Even though life has not always been kind to me, something deep inside let me understand that it is much more rewarding to be a blessing rather than a curse. It does not matter from where I came, it only matters where I will take any piece of knowledge that I gain along the way. While some may sit and cry, questioning Gods ultimate plan, over the years I have just thrown my hands up and looked to Him to carry me through whatever crisis that I was going through at the time. If we are never given challenges, we will not be appreciative of the moments that go smoothly, and furthermore, will not learn how to be strong, resilient or grateful. Looking back, I know this to be true. For every tear I’ve cried a smile soon followed and I embraced it and remembered it the next time my eyes began to water.

Waking up in the morning seems like such a simple and trivial thing for most of us, yet some did not experience the privilege. Sometimes it is the simplest things that motivate us or make us smile. We could spend all day complaining about what didn’t go right, but I’d rather look around and be thankful for what did. As I examine where I’ve been and then sit and marvel at where I am, I can do nothing but thank my Lord and Savior. Of all those that He has created He saw fit to allow my life to continue and prosper. He has given me a loving husband, beautiful children and even more grandchildren. What a miracle! To see my children’s children is not something that everyone has been able to do. From me came them and that alone is reason enough for me to praise Him and smile once again.

2 thoughts on “Smile Once Again By TeResa A. Smith

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