Forgiveness is key to the amount of joy that we will have in our lives. We search so much for happiness from outside things that we forget that true joy comes from within. If joy does not dwell inside, then it will not manifest outside.

We find ourselves holding grudges against people we love and even at times people who are strangers. However, what I have realized is that while forgiving others is hard enough; truly forgiving ourselves is nearly impossible. We are so angry with ourselves for making mistakes, allowing ourselves to be used or misused, or done wrong. Our heart becomes so filled with this that we do not leave any room for joy to enter our hearts.

With Jesus nothing is impossible or even nearly impossible. If we allow Jesus into those situations that we have pinned up in our hearts, He will begin to bring the spirit of forgiveness. When we take our issues to Jesus, He is faithful to forgive us and if Jesus can forgive us then we should able to forgive ourselves. Once we begin to forgive ourselves through Jesus our joy will come from within and manifest on the outside.

We have to let Jesus into our hearts, into our situations and into our minds and let Him have His way and transform us and our situations.Be blessed and as always BE ENCOURAGED!!

42 thoughts on “Forgiveness = Joy By Ewing Ikard II

  1. I have learned so much about foesgvenris through my relationship with my mother. I have reached a point in my life that I have thanked God for giving me the mother He gave me so that I could learn about true foesgvenris, gracy, and mercy. It’s been a LONG journey to reach that point! I have my days when I experience great sadness and loss for not having a mother who could love me and treat me the way I deserve to be treated. However, I would not be the woman and mother that I am today without the experiences I’ve had with an abusive mother.

  2. every relationship witihn my family life there has been a time I have had to work through horrible things that have been done to me or said to me. I have learned through Christ and by neccessity forgiveness is the only way you can heal and move forward in your life. It does’nt even matter if the other person knows you forgive them it does’nt matter if they care that you forgive them, but to your well being and your mental and spiritual life it means everything. I don’t know how God does it but if you really want to forgive someone and go one with your life God can and will do that with you. Not for you but with you!!

  3. I like this blog very much, Its a really nice post to read and incur info. “Wisdom denotes the pursuing of the best ends by the best means” by Francis Hutcheson.

  4. This is so very true and something I need to learn to do. Thankyou for your encouraging word

  5. What you said is absolutely true. Sad to say–that is how life is. Unfortunately, a lot of people thrive on negativity. Many would rather bring someone down than to lift them up with encouragement. If we could focus on forgiveness and joy– instead of jealousy and hatred, this world would be a much happier place.

  6. Great post man! I think we all could do better with forgivness. Jesus is our perfect example of what forgivness looks like. I’m encouraged!

  7. i enjoyed the message it was very insightful and just keep on being a positive person and spreading the word.

  8. Great blog bruh! So much wisdom from this writing. Keep up the good work!!!

  9. The inability to forgive themselves is the reason so many go through life with little or no self esteem. I wish everyone could read this to know healing can start with yourself.

  10. It never ceases to amaze me that those of us that profess to be Christians live far beneath our priviledge. Hurt people do hurt people. Thank you Ewing for your words of encouragement.

  11. You are right we must learn to forgive so many people have been hurt they don’t know how to forgive, but if they give God a chance all things are possible, because the person you are mad at believe me they have moved on and you are still mad about what happened clean your heart and take that step closer to God.

  12. True its harder to forgive ourself, and that’s when we open the door for the enemy to grow guilt in us…

    Its funny how some things only click after someone points them out… Thanks Ewing, this is really helping in my walk. God bless you!

  13. God has blessed you to give a word in due season. A young man with the spirit of the Lord flowing freely for all to share. God Bless you for these words. Thanks Ewing

  14. I mean for being so into the lord, correction. STAY BLESSED Gloria Moore Wesley

  15. This is so true, I’m proud of you for being to into the Lord. Keep up the good work. STAY BLESSED !!!
    Gloria Moore Wersley

  16. Amen brother. I couldn’t have said it any better. We need to constantly be reminded of this.

  17. As all ofyour spiritual guiding light you shine in your blog, this a very well said and simply put piece. The best advice comes in the most simple package, and I understand that sometimes as human beings we try to find joy in all the wrong things! Thanks —-as always , I’m encouraged

  18. I am so grateful to God for revealing His faithfulness to us, by using the testimony of this devoted Man of God to inspire us to put all our trust in Jesus. I would like to hear more his encouragement.

  19. Wow! forgiveness isn’t just about the wrong others have done to us or what we do to others, but how we blame ourselves for allowing what has happened to us keep us in a stagnant state of mind. Thank you this was very encouraging, and I believe that in order to go forward we have to forgive ourselves first so that we can forgive others.

  20. I am learning that forgiveness brings freedom and peace. Thank you for sharing and God bless you.

  21. I totally agree with what you are saying. I have found that
    in order to COMPLETELY FORGIVE another, we must first
    FORGIVE OURSELVES. As you say it sometimes takes a
    while work through that process of FORGIVING!

    Thanks SO MUCH for your ENCOURAGING WORDS. I look
    forward to reading more from you. You have an ANOINTING
    that will “Uplift and Encourage” people!

  22. This word was very encouraging 2 me. I thank God for all his encouraging words and can’t wait to see more from him.

  23. Yes sir! Forgiveness goes a long way in helping us to get over many of life’s painful situations.

  24. Thank you for sharing this article. I definitely needed to read it. Forgiveness is one area that I struggle with.

  25. This brings to my mind so many scriptures, ” one of the easiest ways to cover our sin is to judge others. It is not wrong to exercise discernment, Judges 1:6 but we must start with our selves.
    True it is hard to expect others to fogive if we don’t forgive others or ourselves, Jesus set the example, inspite of our sin/faults him died for the whole world. All we have to do is
    obey his commandments. our Joy comes from trusting and obeying God’s Word.

  26. Very true words indeed. We must learn to forgive, not only others, but especially ourselves. It is Gods will!

  27. I agree that, we have to let forgiveness in our heart, thank you Holy Spirit that you change us from within so we can experience real joy.Thank you for this messdage

  28. Forgiving myself is sometimes so difficult and I forget the burden I feel is truly because I have not forgiven myself. I allow condemnation to take over-but then there comes a message like this that can touch the core and bring to remembrance the loving arms of Jesus. Thank you.

  29. This has really helped me get over some grudges that I’ve been holding on to. Thanks for reminding me of God’s word. At times I do need a reminder as a go along my everyday journey.

  30. Love it and it’s so true proud of you and stay focus and let God guide you (love you)

  31. I’ve found it so much easier to forgive others than it is to forgive myself…I beat myself up by saying “I should’ve known better, I should’ve done better, I shouldn’t have done that (again…and again)…but by his blood I am forgiven and I am transformed by how I forgive myself and then treat myself later…this surely gives me insights into how NOT to be a prisoner of my past/past sins! Amen!

  32. You are right brother!! We hold so much negative energy in our hearts and what we don’t realize is that it brings us down mentally and physically.

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