What is the key ingredient to any successful and healthy relationship? One might assume sex, romance, intimacy or honesty, among many other important factors. However, I inquired about the primary ingredient! What keeps the clock ticking? The wheels spinning? The fire burning? There are certain things that can’t go without one specific ingredient without turning out disastrous or tasting terrible. What does kool-aid taste like if you don’t add any sugar? What happens when baking a cake if you omit the eggs or oil? Well, you get my point.

In my opinion, the most pertinent aspect of a relationship, from personal experience, is communication or what I like to call the “X” Factor. What happens if you are playing basketball and you don’t call out the screen for your teammate? They’re going to run smack dead into the opponent! Now, they’re frustrated, upset and confused as to why you couldn’t simply yell out, “Pick!” People tend to have relationship issues when they JUMP TO INACCURATE CONCLUSIONS! And you too may be wondering, how this happens. You fail to communicate effectively! Communication is key to avoiding unnecessary stress in any relationship. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is … I promise!

Lets circle back to the sex, romance, intimacy, honesty,etc. All of these are rather important components of a relationship so what happens if there’s a problem with one of these? What do you deem the appropriate course of action is? That’s right, it still boils down to one thing … you have to communicate or talk through the issue to come to common terms or attain a reasonable solution. Relationships are like algebra problems, they all have an equation that will lead you to the solution. You just might not like the final answer but why try to avoid the inevitable or truth?


30 thoughts on “The “X” Factor By Aaron Curry

  1. You’re a positive young man. (Handsome too) I’d like more men (and women) to see the value in communication.

  2. My ex-wife ran the relationship by running her mouth all the time and she was always wrong about everything, the kids, me her family and our friends. It wasn’t until we were divorced that she saw it but it was too late. Now I’m with someone that listens and communicates the way you should. MYSELF!

  3. I agree because there is ore lack of communication than good communication in realtionships.

  4. Totally agree with this. My girlfriend only ever ‘talked’ when she was angry. Every problem had to be sorted out there and then even though the problems were complex. It broke us apart.

  5. While I agree that communication is a key ingredient I think trust fit in there too. But I think if you have good communication you won’t have to lie. Any way you slice it this is a good message. Thank you Mr AC.

  6. Speak bro. Keep putting the knowledge out there on relationships. I follow you on facebook and read your posts. I’m learning.

  7. This goes both ways for men and women. Like AC said we just need to learn how to communicate because communication is the key to a healthy relationship. A lot of problems can be overcome and worked through if you take time to hear one another. That’s a part of the communication. This is good stuff AC.

  8. If people communicated better there’d be less problems in relationships. This is a good article AC

  9. Thanks for these real words of inspiration. Now if I could get my girl to let me communicate it would be all good. 🙂

  10. This is a real problem in relationships because most of the time communication is the thing that will def make it fall apart. The X Factor.

  11. Bro this is good advice especially coming from a man’s mindset. Lack of communication is the destroyer of relationships everywhere.

  12. Ladies should pay attention to this. You want to fight and argue instead of talk. If I put my name you’ll call me to argue about my comment. Listen!

  13. I’d like for you to explain this X factor to my wife who doesn’t communicate worth ….. Thanks man.

  14. Communication in relationships needs to be addressed more. We underrate it and that’s why relationship fail. This is a good article.

  15. Unfortunately relationships can be complicated like algebra problems but if we communicate the issue is solved. Good post AC.

  16. I’m glad that the article wasn’t biased and agree that we need to be more persistent in learning to communicate instead of judging. Keep writing Mr. AC.

  17. I agree Mr. AC. men and women don’t communicate enough or properly. Talking through issues is the only way to work through them.


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