A few days ago, I was waiting on a table with an elderly woman and her daughter. They both seemed cheerful and pleasant. I was already busy, but instead of simply asking, “What can I get for you?” I asked them how their day was going. The elderly woman began to tell the story of her battle with cancer and how she was celebrating her first whole year cancer free.  Her daughter added that she was extremely blessed because her mother had cancer for fifteen years and was finally without it. Most people would have seen the glass half empty but they saw it half full. The woman was celebrating being cancer free with a simple meal such as a hamburger and she was enjoying her time with her daughter. Sometimes people go on with their lives so quickly that they don’t take the time to celebrate or appreciate life’s challenges and how they shape us as individuals. The celebration of life shouldn’t be contingent upon anything other than appreciating it but it makes us stronger if we learn to be grateful for it through personal experiences instead of being overcome by it.

-Alyssa Curry-

22 thoughts on “Celebrate Life’s Gift By Alyssa Curry

  1. This is among the many good reasons why I keep heading back to this blog site. This blog post is a wealth of ideas and I can’t wait to work on utilizing them. I like how it is visible that you made a lot of time and effort in research. I hate it when I read on postings that are 550 words long but are deficient in substance. It’s like they just want to wind you in and they are not really giving out something good. So thanks a lot!

  2. Alyssa, This was awesome! This article shows how much we should always communicate our love. If we communicate our love we won’t be overwhelmed by our personal experiences….fantastic article! #LoveIT!

    P.S. Thank you for designing and editing the website it’s simply beautiful!

    Krystal Wilson

  3. This is a good real life story about recognizing when we overcome our problems and let Gods power show in our life. Small things become more meaningful.

  4. Today’s society we don’t take time to care about other people like this. The appreciate this woman has for life must really have shown through for you to take notice of her the way you did. You have an open spirit and care about people. To relay this account of your experience is admirable.

  5. I think this is says something special about you for noticing the old lady. More of us need to be more in touch with life and people around us. I should be more like that. My mom just made me aware of my lack of sensitivity and appreciation for life after reading your article.

  6. Impressive that while you’re working your took time to notice the impact and appreciation for life that people have. It speaks volumes about you Ms. Alyssa Curry. Keep sharing.

  7. Thats a really inspiring story. I like the photos on the page they’re really pretty

  8. I agree with you Alyssa. Life is the value in itself. Very well sail. Thank you for sharing your experience and this is an amazing website that you’ve designed. I hope you continue to share.

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