You’ve been dating someone for a while and think you’re in love however, you haven’t heard those three powerful words, I love you. Well, maybe because they’re not little words as they’ve been made out to be. Don’t stress over it. Instead, exercise patience coupled with a spoonful of understanding and cup of reality. Love doesn’t have a time frame that’s activated upon meeting someone. One thing most people fail to understand is that love, just like hate, is a commanding sentiment. It’s not meant to be a temporary use of words to get what you want. If it’s real you will unmistakably know because love is unconditional and it doesn’t hurt. If you don’t hear those words perhaps you should step back and evaluate the relationship as a whole. If you push, convince, or force your significant other to say he or she is in love with you that person may learn to withhold their true feelings for fear of disappointment or igniting an argument. Learn to let love happen naturally as it is a raw and natural expression. If someone doesn’t commit to love, understand that it’s simple, they don’t feel that way, and could very well be buying some time in the relationship until they meet the person they fall in love with. Don’t discount the fact that he or she may not know how to love someone if they don’t display self-love. The most important thing to know is that love begins with you. When you know how to love yourself in the complete sense, you know what love is and won’t settle for anything less than the authentic version. Love yourself and bask in the love of God to fill the void of desperation. If someone won’t say they love you, be thankful they’re not lying to you.

3 thoughts on “Why Won’t You Say, I Love You?

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  2. of addictive love. Usually, one is inspired with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.

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