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I want you to know that while your negative attack on me may temporarily interrupt my day ultimately your actions will fade from my memory. I will not allow you to do to me whatever has been done to damage you. I am a loving, caring, and compassionate individual that is being challenged by your low self-esteem and negative behavior yet, I will triumph over them and you. Even as a bully, you will do your part in making me stronger. Although we both know this is not your intent, it is Gods will that you will not damage me, as He will not allow it, nor will I.

You have proven that someone or something that occurred or is presently taking place in your life is devastating you enough to pass along your hatred, anger, and pain. In the interim, I will pass along your message to God and pray for you from the depths of my soul. Everyone may not be as strong as I am so I will pray for any of your intended victims and I will pray for those hurting and destroying the beautiful individual you are meant to be.

Please understand that everyone may not be able to tell you that you are in pain and that you don’t need to be. If someone is hurting you, simply ask for help, as I have done in my own life when negative situations were attempting to devastate me. Don’t accept that being a bully is who you are and meant to be instead, ask for forgiveness from those you’ve hurt and forgive yourself for what you’ve done. What I want you to understand in writing you is that it isn’t necessary for you to remain in pain. Take the love I have poured into this letter and step away from your angry and misguided lifestyle as no good will come from it. You may find yourself accidentally ending someone’s life or ending up someplace you don’t want to be because of the pain you’re in. Revenge or anger won’t replace what you are seeking.

Consider your actions, and those that don’t deserve to be hurt the way you are hurting them. If you open your heart to giving love, providing peace, and offering what you are not receiving, you too will become happy in ways you may not have imagined. I am not asking you to stop being who you are but who you are becoming due to your own circumstances. It is never too late to change, please begin today!

With Love, Forgiveness & Compassion,

16 thoughts on “Dear Bully,

  1. Excellent site you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  2. I recently discovered that you published a book about David Tuccaro, Jr. and his heroic battle with leukemia. I was pretty choked up reading about his ‘amazing journey’. This guy bullied me physically and emotionally for several years at school, hitting me (usually in the head) every time he walked past me and harassing me every single day for years. He was also an upstanding student – he used to force nosebleeds during exams so he could go to the bathroom and get the answers he had stowed in there in order to pass.

    He made my life a living hell. I was suicidal because of the things he and his friends put me through. Nights were filled with hopelessness, and mornings were filled with fear and dread. Despite myself and my parents trying to get help, nobody did a thing because his father was a big, successful businessman. Trying to make it better also made things much, much worse for me in the long run.

    Long story short, I know I wasn’t his only victim… and I wonder if any of the others decided to end their own suffering at his hands.

  3. Too often, we punish ourselves for past mistakes, as if we could somehow “make up” the wrong that we’ve done. We walk through each day feeling less-than. We call ourselves losers. No good. We live chained to our past, holding on to hurts and grudges. And though no one else may know about our secret pain, the negative emotions we feel gnaw away at our joy and satisfaction in life.

  4. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your webolg and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your webolg posts. After all I will be subscribing for your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more very soon!

  5. Jane,
    It is truly disheartening to hear bullying has become such a major problem anywhere as there are many ways to stop or prevent it from progressing. Instead, it seems as though we are to wait until a suicide or murder takes place before the problem is acknowledged as having been serious enough to have needed intervention.

    Thank you for taking time to read this article and share your insight. I pray we can all find a resolution. xo

  6. Hi Cynt,

    I commend you on doing what you view is the right thing. Without knowing the details all I can say is that forgiveness is powerful. I believe you are removing layers of pain without knowing it and one day you will realize that your pain was removed a long time ago. Don’t hold unto it.

    Thank you for taking time to read my words. Please continue to visit! Peace, strength and faith. xo

  7. Greatings Marala, The words you speak seem as though your speaking directly to me, even though I know they were meant for many. As we get older we hopefully learn fm life, having been abused as a child then having to take care of that abuser as an adult requires a lot of strength, so I think of him as a human being, life breathing. I think what would I want if the situation was faced the other way. I think I’m doing the right thing, but I would be lying if I stated there is no pain anymore. I gravitate to your words for they are inspiring to me. I thank God that you write the words that we want to say.

  8. Jenny,
    Thank you for taking time to respond to my post. I too find it appalling that bullying is not addressed in a manner to stop it. Many lives have been lost due to bullying and more will continue to follow if it is not addressed properly without passing blame. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  9. The real power of this message is that it lays responsibility for bullying behavior firmly at the door of the perpetrator. Here in Britain we have a a quite appalling approach to the behavior of bullies which does nothing to encourage them to take responsibility for their behavior, focusing instead on what their victims may have done to provoke them. I know parents who have had to take their children out of school because the schools utterly fail to prevent them from being attacked. The upshot is there is an epidemic of bullying in our schools.

  10. Marala, thank you for sharing your words of inspiration and perspective on real world issues. This message is very powerful and can help socities youth and adults. Please keep positively impacting lives.

  11. Marala you truly touched my heart with these amazing words of inspiration. It opened my mind that the people who hurt me are only there to make me a better human being and become the person God has planned for me to be. Thank you for these inspiring words, which will forever positively impact my life.

  12. This is very sad because this is reality. It can come from schoolmates, teachers, family, associates at work and there arewas so many forms of it. Thank you for sharing and wanting others to make a difference!

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