All of us have challenges at some point. Some may appear to come daily while others are random but regardless of when they come, they cause emotional setbacks. It’s easier to address the issues that upset us or cause pain and anger but why give more credence to every negative thing that’s going on in your life. When you speak negativity you bring it into existence. When you look for it you will find it. Sadly enough, if you refuse to let it go it will consume you in ways that can devastate you, your loved ones and of course your life.

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Your life is either passing you by or you’re fighting to make the best of it. Don’t climb on board and ride your life right out of here. It’s priceless, and can never be duplicated. Change the shape of your life instead of allowing it to change you. For every negative thought, event, words that are spoken or pain you think you are supposed to inherit, counter it with strong words of faith, appreciation, passion, forgiveness and love. Fight to let painful history go and forgive others as well as forgive yourself in the process. Look to the future instead of sinking in the past. It’s not easy to let everything go and it may take time. That’s okay; because wherever you make a constant effort you’ll find progress. It’s harder and more draining to hold onto negativity. Whether or not you know it, you are living what will be your history. You’re writing your story right now. What are you going to leave behind as the story of your life?

–Marala Scott

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8 thoughts on “What is the Story of Your Life?

  1. Hi Marala,

    I work in a very negative environment. Although it’s sometimes an effort to try separate myself from the depression side of negatively, I find that if one remains positive, it does, sometimes rub off.

    You do of cause get the people who thrive on being miserable, and if you are not careful, you will be dragged into their web of unhappy, bitchy and totally sad existence.

  2. Thank you Marala – our lives follow our thoughts and you’re right when you say for us to change the shape of our lives instead of allowing the shape of our lives change us. I think we sometimes get caught up in what is happening to us, especially if it’s negative. We forget we have the power to change it.

    I’m a work in progress and writing my story as I go. Over the years, I’ve made a lot of changes to arrive where I’m at today and hope the writing of my journey will help others along their path.

  3. Nicole,

    We all have trials but having a positive outlook will bring you positive results! Stand in faith and be diligent in your efforts. You are very welcome. 😉 xo

  4. So, so true! Exactly what I have been dealing with lately….still working on it but with a fresh positive outlook! 🙂 Thanks for once again sharing your words of wisdom

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