When you walk in life, you can choose the path you feel is right. But one thing you have to know is taking one step back, you have to take 2 steps forward. So many things we as people have been through, can hurt us, but it shouldn’t break us. We live and learn from the mistakes we made. Like my best friend always told me, “God made us a back and a front along with feet. With those feet we move forward to look at our future and not live behind.” Our backs face the past and our front looks onto our present, and future with no regrets of what happened in the past. Just remember, you live and learn. I love the life I live and live the life I love. With that being said, you should too!

One thought on “The Right Step By EbonyRose Hendricks

  1. I live by this everyday of my waking life. I used to hold grudges and put the blame on everyone but no more of that. I LIVE THROUGH MY OWN WORDS!

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