Some things in our lives are just not suppose to make sense right now. Instead of trying to figure things out wrecking your brain we just need to be still and allow God to work.

When things don’t happen the way that we want, there is no reason for us to get down and out about it. Instead, we should be praising God because you have no idea what He has kept us from. What many fail to realize is that God is a healer, a lover of all, a comforter and a protector. He doesn’t need our permission to intervene, He will do what he has to do to protect his children at all cost!

Many times in my own personal life I have been guilty of always asking, “Why?” I just couldn’t understand why bad things happen to good people. Trying to do things my own way and not consulting God first has landed me in some not so good positions. Thankfully, somebody was praying for me when I was too blinded to pray for myself. God allowed me to do it my way long enough to where I had no choice but to look up and say “I need you.” He then removed me from those situations and gave me the mindset to know better and also giving me a testimony of just how good He really is.

God will not send us on stormy paths without providing us with strong shoes. Just continue to count your blessings, be grateful and trust that God is in complete control over every aspect of your life. Peace of mind is available to us when God is the center of our lives. I can remember I used to wonder why and how certain people where so blessed all the time. The truth is, you will never know the trials and tribulations someone else has gone through. It’s the trials and tribulations that bring us that much closer to God. I know this because I’ve been through so much in my young life that God is number one in my fav 5 list (smile).

When you start to worry, stress and even feeling alone . . . STOP! Open your mind and then your heart and focus on Gods promises and where God has placed you because He has a purpose. Whatever your trial or situation, He has a purpose. He will not fail you, He never has. Take a deep breath, listen to what He is trying to tell you and . . .
just be still.


One thought on “Just Be Still By Wendy Screen

  1. I was really surprised to see the angle you took to produce this article. It is refreshing and first rate. You must continue to find these kind of ideas and produce more well written articles.

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