LOVE. To some this is a very touchy subject. We often think about our intimate relationships and how they may or may not be. No, that’s not the kind of love I’m talking about. Let me tell you about SELF LOVE!

Now, I’m not speaking of arrogance or being self-absorbed, but simply loving who you are. Yes, I’m talking to you. You know, the one with the pimple on your face. Yes you, the one with the big nose or the lisp, and you with the roll’s or should I say, bakery on your stomach, oh wait that’s me (smile). I didn’t forget about you, the one who thinks she is ugly or not “pretty” enough. Yes, all of you with that hidden insecurity, I’m talking to you as well as myself. We all go through phases where we desperately want to change our appearance, whether it’s because of what someone else said or because we want a particular body. NEWS FLASH: Reality is that we can only be who God created us to be! God says that he created us after his image and his likeness. WOW! He created us the way that he wanted us to be. When you understand this, then it will be very easy to LOVE yourself. You are created perfect so learn to take care of yourself.

It is imperative to love yourself because when you do, then the weight will automatically fall off because you will take care of your body. When you love yourself you will find time to eat right and exercise. Your body is a temple so treat it like one. Do you go into church or related sanctuaries and just start throwing trash all over the place? NO, so don’t do that to your body. Do you go there and curse the Minister or talk to him any kind of way? NO, so don’t allow anyone to do that to you. When we continually allow people to treat us like dirt it’s a true sign that we don’t love ourselves, at the moment. LOVE WHO YOU ARE! If you think that your attitude is horrible, start being nice. If your version of pretty is putting on makeup, then go put some on. We always have room for improvement, but understand you should ONLY want to change something about yourself for YOU and NO ONE ELSE. Focus on things that you love about you, appreciate and nurture them.

Loving Me,

Krystal Wilson

79 thoughts on “You Are Love By Krystal Wilson

  1. That is very fascinating, You are an overly professional blogger.

    I’ve joined your rss feed and sit up for in search of more of your fantastic post. Additionally, I have shared your website in my social networks

  2. Stop what you’re doing right now and walk right up to the mirror and repeat after me: I AM X-CEPTIONAL! I AM X-TRAORDINARY! I AM X-CITING! I LOVE MYSELF! Now was that so hard??? For so many of us, yes it is. It’s hard to really feel good about ourselves, to really love the person looking back at us from the mirror. We may think to ourselves, “I’m not good enough.” I’m not pretty enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, and on and on and on.

  3. KW, you have skills and a spirit that is truly rightly guided! I love the fact that you continue to show self-love and sel-awareness. And b/c no one is perfect, even if said person is a size 16, that does not mean loving oneself should be neglected. So continue to share your inner & outer beauty,Krystal, and inspirational words!

  4. This was Dynamic! Keep writing and sharing, I so needed this today!

  5. Krystal this was breath taking! I am enlightened! I feel like I can love myself a little more after reading this. Great Job

  6. Krystal this was an awesome read! I can’t wait to read more from you. I love how you tied it all together!

  7. Krystal you really did an amazing job on this article. I have committed to taking care of my body and loving myself. Thanks for writing and sharing you are an amazing woman!

  8. Krystal like omg. this was great! I’ve never read anything so powerful and moving! Where can I see more of your writings? you inspire women and I would love to share your writings with others. Thanks

  9. Wonderful Krystal! I am in awe! you are a great writer and I am grateful that I took the time to read this even though I don’t like to read. This was inspiring

  10. I am focusing on the things that I love about me only; I never thought about it like that before….wow thanks krystal!

  11. What a great way to re-think how I feel about myself! I LOVE this article keep em coming Krystal!

  12. OMG! That was amazing! I think all women should have a copy of that on there wall! Girl that is very encouraging, great job!!!

  13. Wonderful job! Warm, inspiring and touching! I hope to see more of your work

  14. This is great, I cried reading this. It spoke right to me! Thanks Krystal for inspiring me to love me!

  15. Krystal, That was beautiful and well written. Your words are powerful and moved my soul. I am inspired to work on myself and love myself.

  16. I’m VERY BIG on gratitude so it’s important that I thank each person one-BY-one. Some are complete strangers but all are equally important when it comes to supporting my craft. I sincerely appreciate all the love and support. So I’m sending blessings your way!

    *Krystal Wilson*

  17. Kim, thank you love! Your words mean so much to me! Love you so much more and you can’t do anything about it (smile) HA!

  18. Toniya, thanks for reading! I promise there will be more to come… you more hun!

  19. DARLISA! you said it perfectly; you only need to be healthy. That’s the power of loving me! Thanks for the support and I love you.

  20. WOW! Thank you Tracy for those powerful words as well as all of your support!

  21. Shaun, I appreciate you taking out time to read this. Thanks for the love and support!

  22. WOW Jane, I am humbled by your response. It feels good to impact a total stranger. People like you inspire me and this is why I write. Continue to move forward and DON’T look back! Thank you for your kind words and support!

    You ROCK Jane! 🙂

  23. Ms. Jackson, Thank you so much! This means a lot coming from a wise woman of God such as yourself! I love you more!

  24. Diva! I totally agree, you are always so on POINT!!!! Thank you for your love and support. I love you too!

  25. Krystal, this is really good! Keep the inspirations coming. This is just the beginning of great things! *Love ya sis*

  26. Rachel, I am very pleased as well that you are my cousin. Thank you for you support! Keep working on yourself and you will reach your goals. It’s a cinch by the inch, it’s just hard by the yard….keep pressing Rachel the little effort combined together becomes great success; YOU CAN DO IT!

  27. Thank you Laura and Ryan! I will make sure that you are able to keep reading…love u more!

  28. This truely blessed me today and I enjoyed reading EVERY word. Thanx for sharing this with me and I look forward to reading more of your writing. Love ya doll!!

  29. God Bless you! Follow me on twitter or facebook and you can find updates of my future writings there. So happy that you are finding who you truly are. Keep going and believing in yourself! #staypositive!

  30. Ashley thank you doll! You have been my rock and I thank you for all your love and support! I love you right back!

  31. Justine, AHA moments are great; they are most great when we actually apply them….get to work honey (smile) you are beautiful!

    You can follow me on twitter @kryslovespink

    Thanks for all the love and support!

  32. Thanks John, Surround yourself with positive people and you will continue to run into postive people! You get exactly what you put out….#BePositive

  33. You are a great writer….i think these things that you seem to so easily write on paper. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with strangers, it takes a woman to do that. I know that you will soar at whatever you do. you are amazing and very pretty too!

  34. That’s the truth! Krystal this hit really hit home for me. Because I have struggled with weight issues for a long time. I think we see all these images of the perfect body (size 5) LOL and think that’s what we should look like. I must admit that I have tried almost every diet from Atkins to Weight Watchers. It was hard, but I realized that I wasn’t meant to be a size 5. I only need to be healthy. That’s the power of loving me!

  35. I enjoyed reading this. You are a wonderful writer, and I say keep up the great work!

  36. I see GOD has been pouring into you ! Thank you for pouring into us, and making room so GOD can give you more! Wonderful work my sister !

  37. I enjoyed this post. I totally relate to the part about allowing other people to treat you like dirt, and that being a sign of a person not loving themselves. I have been there, and will never go back. Great job Ms. Wilson!!


  38. This is simply astounding. I’m so sure that many can and will relate to this remarkable piece of work. The level of transparency used in this post not only makes it real, but it give insight to others that are struggling with insecurities. Letting them know, they’re not alone. Proud of you sis, keep up the good work

    Shaun Upshaw

  39. That was a great piece of work…..well thought out. You addressed everybody that thought they were no body.

    ps if I love ME you will love ME

  40. AMAZING! This is REAL writing. I’m so tired of reading from people who often look down on us by indirectly giving “us” advice. Krystal you however joined in and kept it one hundred percent real with your readers by including yourself. You told us you have rolls on your stomach how cute…you didn’t hide it! You are allowing God to shine through you which is automatically liberating others! I dumped my boyfriend because he talks to me in a degrading way all the time, after reading your article I see that I love myself to much to continue the abuse. Although I’m a small girl I’ve been carrying around the (weight) of this i’m about to watch it fall off.

    You Rock Krystal!

  41. Krystal, I’m not surprise that you are full of God’s anointing and insight. Keep following His lead. So many young ladies need this teaching. Keep moving forward in your gifting.
    Love you,
    Bevelry Hall-Jackson

  42. Thanks for sharing, Jr. DIVA! Very insightful and inspiring. When we recognize that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost, that realization should incite us to positive actions in our quest to love ourselves as God created us. This should also pave the way to make any changes we deem necessary to further our self love! Love you – keep writing!!!

  43. o my god wow i had no idea u were this talented love this a bunch n i have been trying to work on my body and physical health im very pleased you r my cousin lol *smooches*

  44. Krystal I really love this post. You help keep the inspiration among us women. Love ya girl…

  45. I love your transparency in this article. We all have our moments of insecurity, it’s what we do with those moments that will make the difference! Keep writing, I’d love to keep reading! Love ya!!
    Laura and Ryan 8~)

  46. Awesome! I’ve been comparing myself to others and questioning what people will think. You helped me to realize that I don’t need validation. I’m no longer changing for anyone else. Your words speak Life! Thanks Krystal!!!

    Where can I find more of your writings?

  47. You are my inspiration and are always there for me when I need you. Your writing is a force and I am so proud that you have chosen to share your inner most thoughts with us! I love u boo! #selflove

  48. Awww Krys…I’m so proud of you and praise God for the love inspiration on today….

    Love you,


  49. I have been battling with self-esteem and I just want to thank you! My AHA moment was the “church” analogy….I am so respectful at church…AHA I must do the same for my body.
    Please keep writing. do you have a twitter that I can follow you on?

  50. Krystal
    I want to say thank you! I want to run into more STRONG positive women like you! Keep writing to inspire!

  51. Krystal,
    This is fantastic! I am inspired and thanks keeping it real with US!

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