Don’t smile in someone’s face and talk behind their back. Share an honest smile and be real. That’s how you show respect. ~Marala Scott

There’s always something that needs to be said and there are plenty of ways to communicate what you feel to get your point across. There’s no need to be rude just be direct and honest. The problem comes in when you’re friends with someone who you really don’t like but you’re willing to compromise your standards to be around someone. All you’re going to do is talk behind their back after spending the day hanging out, having lunch, or shopping together. It’s disrespectful to talk behind a persons back instead of just telling them what the problem is or how you really feel and why. The problem with the whole talking behind someone’s back is that you end up having the very same qualities you don’t like in that person. There are several words to describe that type of individual, but do you want that description too? Put your communication on a different level by learning to speak what you feel. Do it properly and without malicious intent, but do it. It speaks volumes about your character and it can actually help the other person if they simply have never been told that you or anyone else has an issue with something they do or have done. Dare to be real!

10 thoughts on “Don’t Talk Behind Someone’s Back, Tell Them How You Feel

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  3. After reading your article, I’m compelled to share your points on this topic. You have done a very good job with your attention to detail you put into this article.

  4. Great blog!
    In the same vein: I let the expression ‘passive-aggressive’ slip in front of a 6 yo yesterday and then had to explain what it meant.
    I said, “It’s like when you don’t use your words when something bothers you. Instead you give someone a mean look and then talk about them after they’ve gone away.”
    She understood perfectly and by having to explain it to her, I understood a little better myself. Complaining or gossiping after the fact is an insidiuous habit and so hard to break.

  5. Thank you for your comments Lynda! You’re right. That’s why the photo’s reflect both because it’s for everyone. I hope you come back for more. xo

  6. Absolutely!!! There is so much gossiping going around and it’s not just teenagers, it’s adults (women AND men). Another great post. Thanks!

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