Now Available. . . the special version of Marala Scott’s book,

In Our House: Perception vs. Reality

“In Our House” is the chilling true story of an abusive husband, his wife, and their six children trapped inside of a hellish nightmare.

Recruited by both the CIA and IBM the successful, handsome, and deceptive Colin has rendered countless abusive episodes on his beautiful wife, Alley, and his six children until he finally breaks Alley and she is no longer able to fight back. One day, three women involve Alley in a church that promises to protect her and the children from her husband’s attacks. By the time Alley realizes how they will do it, she finds herself demonically possessed with demons eating away at her. The horrifying undertaking is beyond life and now the children must find a way to survive both parents.

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7 thoughts on “Is the Perception of Your Life the True Reality?

  1. This is an excellent article. I enjoyed reading it and am likely to reread it again soon so I can revisit some of the points that I want to consider.

  2. I already have mine ordered! Can’t wait to read it… Is it 10/9 yet??

  3. This book looks amazing and suspenseful….I can’t wait to read this!!!! Also, I really like the posts that you put up. It seems like you’re doing a lot of great work that helps others. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you 🙂

  4. Very excited to read this book and to learn how she and the children survived. Pre-ordered tonight! Thank you for sharing this story.

  5. Just beautiful! I know this one will be even better than the original version. I pre-ordered my copy last night. Can’t wait until October 9 to read it. Congratulations again Marala!!!

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