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Many people have personal insecurities that originate from following a path that wasn’t meant for them to take. The decisions and mistakes that your parents or family members have made are not yours. The pain they’ve chosen to inherit isn’t supposed to be passed along to you. Any anger they’ve allowed to destroy their life isn’t waiting to destroy yours so don’t own it.

Each of us has an opportunity to create the life we want to have. It’s up to us to make choices. If one of the choices happens to be empowering others so they use or hurt you understand that choice was still yours. You are not here to relive your parent’s life or that of anyone else. You are not supposed to impede your progress and happiness by carrying someone’s pain as though it is destined to stay in your family or bloodline. You are unique. You are here to live your life, make independent choices and live freely. Your choices will bring about your own results and regardless of how difficult some may be you aren’t meant to live or bask in pain.  Own your mistakes, and learn from them. Stake a claim in faith not failure and accept that you are destined for greatness. –Marala Scott

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10 thoughts on “Don’t Inherit Pain That Isn’t Yours

  1. Absolutely love and needed this message. Thank you verymuch Marla, God bless you!

  2. Aiesha,
    You are very welcome. God is always present in our life however accept His work and you will see and feel the change. Work with God, not against Him. Thank you for reading my blog. xo

  3. You are ✓ marla and I have refused to live in the mistakes my parents made! Thou am going thru a lot not due to my fathers mistakes and background but we his kids are a total opposite of what our parents are and we keep praying for God intervention in our lives.. I have sent this link to my siblings to keep them strong!! Thank you so much. For Dis!!!

  4. Just one of many sign posts and messages I’ve received recently that show me I’m finally on the right path. Such a great healing message today, thank you!

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