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We’re all human and our life will be riddled with mistakes regardless of how big or small they are. The problem is when you’re making choices that can have negative consequences for your children. Infidelity is one of those choices. Most people cheat because they feel neglected in the relationship. Others simply want revenge. Some cheat because the ability to do so is available, providing a thrill. It’s your life and a decision you have to live with, but when you have children involved, think before you indulge in a deceptive game that can devastate them along with the person you’re no longer considerate of. When you intentionally hurt someone your behavior is self-destructive as well, because your morals and values are compromised. You’ve crossed boundaries that should never be crossed that way.

Cheating is a selfish and cowardly act of not considering anyone or anything except your own greed, need, and sexual desires. It’s an immoral way to accomplish something. Consider it stealing or taking something that doesn’t belong to you. Perhaps you’ve been hurt and you want to pay the other person back, or the relationship is no longer what you want. The lack of compassion or respect for the other person is bad enough, but the affects that will carry over to your children, whether you see them or not, is another, which can cause the most damage.

It’s easier and selfish to think that your children will forget about the disruption and sometimes devastation to their life or that it won’t affect them if they don’t know. The fact of the matter is, they will remember and if they didn’t know at the onset, sooner or later they will find out. It may come out in forms you may never care to associate with your actions. You may never realize the destruction to their life or if you do it may be when it’s too late. Parents repeat the same loving words, they would do anything for their children, and then they cheat without considering any of the ramifications. When you destroy a relationship, take more than a fleeting moment to consider everyone in that relationship. If you aren’t happy, get out of the relationship with your dignity intact and move on respectfully. Consider the emotional aftermath your children will suffer although they may not say a single word to you about it. Look at the statistics of young adults in therapy because a parent cheated. Now, consider those that aren’t in therapy and have to emotionally find their own way around your actions. That selfish act can damage your children for life. Is it worth taking that risk? The damage may follow them into their adulthood in many identifiable forms you may not care to take responsibility for. Your children begin to learn their value by what you show them. Teach them that they matter to you by doing things the right way. Cheating is an easy way to succumb to self-pity and self-indulgence, but if you have any ounce of love for your children, consider the affect it will have on them first. That emotional damage can lead to other emotional problems and issues that can have permanent or long-term effects. Teach them how to love instead of how to betray someone. Let them see you hold your head up with courage and respect and talk about the problems before it gets out of hand. It doesn’t mean you can’t end the relationship, it means you can’t be selfish enough to worry about your own needs instead of those of your children.I love you is easy to say but I love myself more is what you’re telling your children when you cheat.

Don’t let your children become an uncalculated casualty of your desire to put yourself first. There is more to the action of infidelity than the act itself. If the other person is aware that he or she is breaking up a relationship and doesn’t care, they can’t possibly love you the way you deserve because they are forgetting about your children. There are other ways to get what you want that won’t take causalities or strip you of your self-esteem and morals. Consider others when they are part of the package. Cheaters typically repeat and you may end up in a relationship with Karma.

12 thoughts on “The Effects Cheating Has On Children

  1. You are so right! Sometimes parents don’t realize the damage they are doing because children are always listening…

  2. I’ll share your post on my facebook page – “Cheating Cannot Be Tolerated”. It touched me. Thanks!

  3. Nice post. I check this weblog continuously and I am impressed! Very helpful information 🙂 Thank you and good luck.

  4. This article contains some of the most informative content I’ve read in quite some time. The points of this content are clear-cut and engaging.

  5. You are absolutely correct. It takes more effort to cheat and hurt people. Unfortunatly some people take pride in causing pain. Thank you for reading! xo

  6. Hello, great post. I am an adult survinging of cheating. My father was a serial cheater and yes the kids always find out at some point. I believe that when a man or woman cheats they not only cheat on their spouses but also on the children as well. If you are not happy in a marriage or any relationship that you are in then break up and end that relationship with grace before you move on to the next person.

  7. I love all your posts and stories. You have so much content that I enjoy reading and I can’t wait to read more.

  8. This is an amazing article! I appreciate the fact that you focused the aftermath of cheating on the childrens psyche. I think in many cases people overlook and or fail to realize the traumatic effects cheating will have on their children. Cheating is one of the most selfish acts that anyone can commit. When you get to the point of committing adultery, that means you care about no one other than yourself. It’s much easier to remove yourself from an unhealthy situation than to masque it with a facade and damage those closest to you. I hope and pray that those who read this truly absorb your words as they are 100% accurate. Thank you for this Marala.


  9. This is great! Couldn’t agree with you more Marala. People always see the grass greener on the other side failing to realize their grass would be as green if they watered it! Those who cheat are definitely acting out of selfish intentions putting lustful actions ahead of their morals and loved-ones. Sadly it is becoming more common amongst the younger generation as the occurrences become more frequent. I personal wish I was from the earlier generations where people had a stronger moral foundation and were more trust worthy.

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