Is There Such Thing as a Perfect Relationship?

Relationships mean one thing for sure if nothing else, work! Anything you do will take some degree of effort and a relationship is no different. Let’s be honest, everyone has something about him or her that the other person may not like. It could be the way you drive, the music you listen to, or the way you fold their shirt, but that doesn’t mean your relationship isn’t perfect, it means they have things about them that define who they are. We tend to look for imperfections that people have instead of their perfections. If we took time to notice all of the things that your significant other does that made you fall in love with them, you’d be surprised at how good your relationship really is. Stop focusing on the flowers you didn’t get for your birthday but remember the ones he bought you for no reason instead. Don’t compare relationships, work on your own. Stay away from relationships that are riddled with problems and drama or yours will end up the same way. When you keep company with negativity it has a way of invading your life. Your relationship is as perfect as you want it to be. Put God before the relationship and you’ll have a better understanding of what love and perfection is.

Loving Yourself by Marala Scott

Although you’ve heard it said repeatedly, you haven’t done it yet. Most likely, you’ve forgotten how because you’re too busy taking care of others. It’s easy to get lost not only in your day but in someone else’s life and forget what’s important. Taking care of yourself is actually a better way to be a great resource for those around you. When you’re happy, you can deal with issues much better. That’s why taking time to recharge and focus is important. It’s not only about your happiness, but your health as well. Think before you raise your voice in anger, you’re hurting yourself more than you know. Take time to exercise even if walking. Indulge in a hobby that you love or find something new. Be open to innovative experiences like traveling places you’ve never been. This life came with a clean canvas. Go discover its beauty and paint your picture the way you want it. Take time to enjoy this gift called life. Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t do things for yourself instead, commit to making time for yourself because that is one way of loving yourself. 

You Are Love By Krystal Wilson

LOVE. To some this is a very touchy subject. We often think about our intimate relationships and how they may or may not be. No, that’s not the kind of love I’m talking about. Let me tell you about SELF LOVE!

Now, I’m not speaking of arrogance or being self-absorbed, but simply loving who you are. Yes, I’m talking to you. You know, the one with the pimple on your face. Yes you, the one with the big nose or the lisp, and you with the roll’s or should I say, bakery on your stomach, oh wait that’s me (smile). I didn’t forget about you, the one who thinks she is ugly or not “pretty” enough. Yes, all of you with that hidden insecurity, I’m talking to you as well as myself. We all go through phases where we desperately want to change our appearance, whether it’s because of what someone else said or because we want a particular body. NEWS FLASH: Reality is that we can only be who God created us to be! God says that he created us after his image and his likeness. WOW! He created us the way that he wanted us to be. When you understand this, then it will be very easy to LOVE yourself. You are created perfect so learn to take care of yourself.

It is imperative to love yourself because when you do, then the weight will automatically fall off because you will take care of your body. When you love yourself you will find time to eat right and exercise. Your body is a temple so treat it like one. Do you go into church or related sanctuaries and just start throwing trash all over the place? NO, so don’t do that to your body. Do you go there and curse the Minister or talk to him any kind of way? NO, so don’t allow anyone to do that to you. When we continually allow people to treat us like dirt it’s a true sign that we don’t love ourselves, at the moment. LOVE WHO YOU ARE! If you think that your attitude is horrible, start being nice. If your version of pretty is putting on makeup, then go put some on. We always have room for improvement, but understand you should ONLY want to change something about yourself for YOU and NO ONE ELSE. Focus on things that you love about you, appreciate and nurture them.

Loving Me,

Krystal Wilson

Just Be Still By Wendy Screen

Some things in our lives are just not suppose to make sense right now. Instead of trying to figure things out wrecking your brain we just need to be still and allow God to work.

When things don’t happen the way that we want, there is no reason for us to get down and out about it. Instead, we should be praising God because you have no idea what He has kept us from. What many fail to realize is that God is a healer, a lover of all, a comforter and a protector. He doesn’t need our permission to intervene, He will do what he has to do to protect his children at all cost!

Many times in my own personal life I have been guilty of always asking, “Why?” I just couldn’t understand why bad things happen to good people. Trying to do things my own way and not consulting God first has landed me in some not so good positions. Thankfully, somebody was praying for me when I was too blinded to pray for myself. God allowed me to do it my way long enough to where I had no choice but to look up and say “I need you.” He then removed me from those situations and gave me the mindset to know better and also giving me a testimony of just how good He really is.

God will not send us on stormy paths without providing us with strong shoes. Just continue to count your blessings, be grateful and trust that God is in complete control over every aspect of your life. Peace of mind is available to us when God is the center of our lives. I can remember I used to wonder why and how certain people where so blessed all the time. The truth is, you will never know the trials and tribulations someone else has gone through. It’s the trials and tribulations that bring us that much closer to God. I know this because I’ve been through so much in my young life that God is number one in my fav 5 list (smile).

When you start to worry, stress and even feeling alone . . . STOP! Open your mind and then your heart and focus on Gods promises and where God has placed you because He has a purpose. Whatever your trial or situation, He has a purpose. He will not fail you, He never has. Take a deep breath, listen to what He is trying to tell you and . . .
just be still.


Hope Is What You’re Looking For By Krystal Covin Boyce

My name is KC, I am 27 yrs of age and a mother of three. To others I may look like the typical individual, happy on the outside etc. but in reality I can honestly say that I wasn’t until a couple of months ago. For years I’ve had to battle with ill thoughts, not towards others but towards myself. I didn’t know how to love and appreciate myself , I lacked self confidence/ esteem until two wonderful people came into my life, “Mrs. Scott” & her son “Aaron”.

I read her Memoir “In Our House” and decided to contact her. I was having one of my moments where I felt completely lost and she immediately responded to my message, there I was consulting in someone I didn’t know and with each message I cried and as I write this I am fighting back those tears. It came to the conclusion that God was talking to me through her .

Through Mrs. Scott and Aaron I came to realize that I do have a purpose on earth and God is always there when you need someone to talk to. Because of them I have learned to never give up and reach for my goals, to love and appreciate myself more one step at a time, one day at a time. Just pray and everything will be okay. My ill thoughts are now becoming happy thoughts and I am reaching for my goals and overcoming my fears. So to everyone out there. . . always put your trust in God and he will see you through. He hasn’t failed me once! If it wasn’t for him, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here. Please remember ” Those who walk with God, always reach their destination. Never give up on your goals, be kind to others because the simplest act of kindness might just help save someone’s life . My inspiration came from her. She made it through her childhood then I can most definitely make through my battles and so can you!